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U-16 Academy team wins first Dallas Cup match


Photo by Demetrio Teniente

FRISCO, Texas — Last Friday,  FC Dallas’ Aaron Meyer (above, left) was in Guadalajara, Mexico with the FC Dallas U-18 Academy team winning a friendly against a youth side from Club Atlas. Meyer the flew back to Texas on Saturday so he could play in the first game of Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIV for the U-16s at Richland College on Sunday.

Meyer’s return proved to be invaluable for the U-16s as the midfielder converted a penalty kick in the 1-0 victory over Ontario’s Mississauga Falcons.

“When we were in [Guadalajara] we played really good competition,” said Meyer. “We go to other countries and we see how they play. We kind of look up to [them] and try to adapt to their style. They play beautiful soccer and so that’s what we want to do here in the States.”

Unfortunately, on Sunday relentless winds and wet fields prevented that “beautiful” style of soccer from being played. With highs peaking in the low 50s, it was the coldest temperatures for the date in over ten years.  Wind speeds reached as high as 35 miles per hour.

“It’s very difficult to play with the wind because you can’t play that beautiful soccer where you pass, one- and two-touch, on the ground all the time,” said Meyer.  “Sometimes you have to go long and when you are defending against the wind it is very difficult.”

In the 30th minute, FC Dallas’ Antonio Aguilar was taken out in the box by a defender to give Meyer an opportunity to draw first blood.

“Just keep it low and put it in the corner – that’s what was going through my head,” said Meyer. “I just focused on the bottom right corner and made sure I made good contact and put it where I wanted to.”

Meyer also said while it may not have been the prettiest of wins, they still got the result they wanted. The U-16s now have three points and a chance to adjust and prepare for Downtown United of New York on Monday and St. Louis Scott Gallagher of Missouri on Wednesday.

“Sometimes you just have to know how to win,” said U-16 head coach Josema Bazan. “The important thing is that you are growing with the games – getting better and better and on the last game playing very good.”

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One comment on “U-16 Academy team wins first Dallas Cup match

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